Important notice regarding the Viper Playground

Important notice regarding the Viper Playground.

Unfortunately further investigation on the Zip Wire unit in the VIPER playground has resulted in the decision to take the unit out of use while professional advice is sought regarding the main cable. The original manufacturers have been consulted and we await their recommendations. This is the sign that will appear on the unit for information.

We apologise for the temporary removal of the seat/stand on the Zip Wire for safety reasons.  Acting on information received an additional check was made to the multi-strand overhead cable itself which was found to have a number of broken strands resulting in a ‘frayed’ appearance which may well be impacting on the safety of this unit and is potentially dangerous.

The manufacturers have been contacted and we await their report.  This is not a job for our handyman unfortunately but is in hand and hopefully will not take too long to resolve so this popular piece of equipment can be back in use soon.

 We apologise for the inconvenience, but safety must come first.

If you require further information please contact the Parish Clerk