NP Questionnaire

NP Questionnaire

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Online Questionnaire

In April 2017 an online questionnaire was published for residents to fill in with their ideas and suggestions for planning the future of the village. The questionnaire was completely anonymous, with questions relating to Housing & Development, Local Community, Local Economy, Transport, Traffic and Environment. The aim was for the majority of households to fill in and return the survey. The information gathered from the forms was then used by the Steering Committee and the Focus Groups to create a Draft plan.

Submissions are no longer being accepted on the survey, but the questions can be viewed using the link below, in order to view all the questions some answers are ‘Required’ answers, so you will need to enter answers to those questions in order to move on to the next page – just DO NOT use the ‘Submit’ button at the end.

{Note you do not need to answer all the questions to move to the next page – just the ones marked as ‘Required’}

Questionnaire deadline was 24th April 2017 – please do not submit further responses.

View the questionnaire here

Summary of results from questionnaire


Documents relating to the questionnaire {most recent at top}

Reminder Notice re Survey April 2017

E-Bulletin Notice re Survey March 2017

Flyer re Survey March 2017