The Etchingham Safety Action Group (TESAG)

Following many resident concerns regarding safety on the main road through the village, especially the A265 as it passes the entrance to the Primary School and Village halls, and concerns regarding the narrowness of some of the pavemants, the Parish Council  created the Sub-Committee.

The TESAG committee is made up of concerned residents, members of village campaigning groups and representatives from the school.

Commitee Officials

Chair – Michael Le Garignon

Vice Chair – Phillip Hinde

Secretary –  The parish Clerk is Acting Secretary untill a replacement can be appointed.

Uploaded documents can be viewed from the links below, all the links open in PDF format.  {Use the ‘Back’ button on your browser to return to this page.}

TESAG residents invite to Public Meeting, 3rd September 2022.

20220901 TESAG Public Meeting Invite 2

Survey of residents, 1st – 14th September 2022.

Ssurvey of Residents 1 – 20220901

The TESAG proposals and recommendations.

TESAG Recommendation and Proposal Paper to Parish Council August 2022

Agendas and Minutes of meetings.

TESAG Agenda 30th November 2022

TESAG Minutes 26th October 2022

TESAG Agenda 26th October2022

TESAG Minutes 24th August 2022

TESAG Agenda 24th August 2022

TESAG Minutes, 27th July 2022

TESAG Agenda 27th July 2022

TESAG Approved Minutes 22nd June 2022

TESAG Agenda 22nd June 2022

TESAG Approved Minutes 25th May 2022

TESAG Agenda 25th May 2022

TESAG Approved Minutes 26th April 2022