Queen’s Garden trees.

Trees in Queen’s Garden.

Some of you will have seen that tree work was going on in Queen’s Garden on Monday May 4th. It is with much sadness that Parish Council has had to proceed with felling trees that might appear healthy and beautiful but using modern technology that can, effectively x-ray , the trees were found not safe to remain in such a public and well used place. Remedial work is taking place on other trees to make sure that we can keep them for the next generations.
Looking forward: – because we have to lose a couple of trees in Queen’s Garden for safety reasons the Parish Council is going to replace them as soon as it can with native deciduous species – we will take expert advice on the best choices for our soil, location and aspect.
It has been the custom in the Garden to commemorate special events with the planting of a tree and this will be no exception. One of these trees will be dedicated to the recognition of the amazing work the NHS and all the other front line services are performing and continue to perform to keep up safe and well at this time. So this doesn’t get forgotten some sort of suitable plaque will be installed so future generations might be reminded about the sacrifices being made around us right now.
In view of this, and Council has been considering this for some time, it would seem a good idea to ‘label’ the other commemorative trees in the garden as well. We are not aware of any definitive map so if we can gather the information now from the collective village memory we’ll be able to put everything in place without any further delay later in the year. Every tree that the Parish Council is responsible for in the Parish was tagged with its allocated number when the in-depth tree survey was carried out last year so hopefully there won’t be any confusion identifying the individual trees. To help you, help us, the attached map shows the trees and their numbers clearly indicated.
Answers, comments, questions to the Clerk please, best to use the email address  as this is easiest for the Clerk to access while  having to work from home most of the time.