Flood Warning update.

Update to Flood Warning.

An update to the Flood Warning was issued at 2.23am, Friday 6th March, it is anticipated that the Flood Warning will be lifted at 10am, details below…………

River levels have now begun to fall between Crowhurst Bridge and Etchingham following the heavy rainfall experienced yesterday. Water levels are currently below the level we would expect to directly contribute to property flooding and the flooding conditions experienced yesterday evening are now improving. The rainfall has cleared the area so we do not expect flooding to get any worse. However, flooding to land and roads is expected to continue in the area into Friday morning. We are continuing to monitor the situation closely from our incident room and have been working closely with our partners. Please continue to remain safe in this area and avoid contact with flood waters. We currently anticipate that this Flood Warning will be removed by 10am this morning, 6 March.

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